Charles Bridge – Where’s prague’s population fought the swedish army almost 400 years ago



Charles Bridge is perhaps the main symbol of Prague and is today an extremely popular tourist attraction. The bridge is located below the castle and it is full of tourists, most of the time. Be sure to guard your pockets and bags.

The bridge was built in 1357 by the then King of Bohemia, King Charles IV. The reason that it was built was  to replace the former Judith Bridge which collapsed after a high tide 1342. Through the years, the Charles Bridge was part of a series of historical events. Among other things there were some fierce fighting between Prague’s population and the Swedish Army in 1648th

Charles Bridge has been extremely important for the city’s population and was actually up to the year 1841 the only bridge crossing the Vltava river. Today there are several bridges crossing the river, but there is no doubt that it is definitely the nicest way to get over the Vltava is to walk over the Charles Bridge. It is constantly hustle and bustle of the bridge.