Prague is a city of unique and awesome beauty. It is home to a wealth of incredible buildings, structures and monuments that span several eras. A wealth of architectural forms, ranging from Romanesque and Gothic through Renaissance and Baroque to Art Nouveau, Cubism and Deconstructionist, co-exist in an unusual harmony. The Czech capital was blessed in the sense that the majority of its man-made structures survived the Second World War. Even the Socialist regime, with its penchant for cold strictly functional architecture, could not put a damper on Prague’s historical glow. In fact, in a jolie-laide way, there are socialist structures that serve to enhance the city’s attractiveness in the same manner as a mole is sometimes a beauty spot.
Seeing the city in all its glory requires several days. The centre alone has plenty of gorgeous and quirky details that can be missed if going strictly by a guidebook. Of course, such structures and locations as Prague Castle, Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Lesser Town Square and Petrin Hill are must-sees. But quarters outside the centre, such as Zizkov and Vinohrady, also have plenty to offer to those interested in sightseeing, dining, and drinking some of the world’s best beers and wines. The zoo in Troja is also worth mentioning as its standards, along with its number of attractions, have been increasing on a yearly basis.

Prague is far more than just another pretty city. While those who want a restful stay will certainly find what they’re looking for, the city also boasts a rich cultural calendar and lively nightlife. Whether you want to spend a night at the opera, visit an art gallery, participate in open mic poetry performances, take in or dance to your favourite genre of music, chances are that on any given day or night you will find something that interests you.

As the quantity and quality of goods and services continues to rise (though one should still be careful when it comes to taxi and restaurant rip-offs), Prague has become a prime destination not only for tourists, but for expatriates as well. The city’s central location and the Czech Republic’s excellent train and bus make it an excellent base for those who wish to see more of the country.

Should you decide to visit Prague, rest assured that you will have to go to great lengths to get bored.